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Class Rooms

The early years of a student's life are, invariably, the most crucial ones. They constitute the golden period when a student can make or break his/her career. When it comes to laying the foundation stone for your child's future, it's not just mental peace that counts; physical surroundings also play a key role in shaping his/her outlook towards life in general.

Believing in the same philosophy, at Little Scholar Academy , Mahaveer Chhapra , we ensure our students get classrooms that are not only spacious and airy, but also subject-based. At par with international standards, the entire institution is a healthy place for children to learn, for teachers to teach, and at the same time, have a close interaction with every student.

During the process of admissions, we take every necessary step to limit the number of students in each classroom, so that students get a likeable atmosphere and feel nice about coming to school everyday.

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