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Physical Activity

"There can be no education without leisure, and without leisure education is worthless."

This profound proclamation by renowned American writer Sarah Josepha Hale holds immense value in the lives of students. Especially in today's day and age, when education is being, unfortunately, limited to books, cramming and exams.

Games and sports have always been an integral part of the LSA’s curriculum. The school follows an extensive plan for promoting the skills and techniques of different games. The specialized coaches and instructors ensure the provision of a relevant environment where the physical well being of the students is taken care of. Regular competitions and sports events are organized to direct the potential of the budding LSA students in their field of interest.

At Little Scholar Academy , Mahaveer Chhapra, we believe the real might of a child lies in his creativity, and not than the bookish knowledge he/she possesses. We therefore consider extracurricular/leisure activities to be an imperative part of a child's education.

Whether it is sports, music, theatre, arts, or social service, our students are encouraged to look beyond the obvious realms of education and put their time and creativity to good use.

The skills and techniques of different games are being taught to the learners. Our students' increased participation in different sport events suggests a changed outlook and greater involvement.

The students are also taken to the sports complex for better exposure and real life experience. The accolades won by the students in different fields reflect their potential and give vent to the abundant energy which they possess.

As propellers of growth, we leave no stone unturned in establishing an environment where students are encouraged to try out new things; participate in activities that delve outside classrooms and blackboards.

With us, your child will develop an interest in understanding and appreciating the world around him/her. As a result, he/she will go on to become an open-minded individual who can relate to your culture, country and its people - and true mark of a progressive, responsible citizen. 

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