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From The Principal's Desk

Times are changing with such an accelerated pace that they pose increasing challenges for education. In this difficult environment, the school aims at providing to its students a 'Child Centered' education of quality. It lays great stress on all around development of their mind and personality, skill question and value orientation. These demands that education, in eddition to passing all the knowledge, should ignite the spark in the mind develop thought – provoking process and bring out the best in the child.

Additionally, the school aims at instilling in the student the spirit of national integration, pride in the country's rich and varied cultural heritage, a compassion for the less privileged and a concern for degrading health of our planet.

To achieve these difficult object objectives, the school endeavors through the converted efforts of the school management, parents, staff and student to create a four sided area of excellence, providing the optimum environment for quality education with an accent of excellence without elitism and a quit elegance in all the school’s activities.

Aarti Singh
Little Scholar Academy

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