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Music and Dance

"Music is what feelings sound like."

At Little Scholar Academy, we take this age-old definition pretty seriously. In essence, we drive our students to express their innermost feelings through music and dance - two of the most loved and pursued extracurricular activities in a child's life.

'To sing well and to dance well is to be educated'. Dance is used as a means of communication to express what is too deep, too fine for words. Students learn to choreograph and make formations; limb movements and co-ordinated steps are a part of their learning experience. The students are taken through various Indian and Western dance forms like Indian Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa and these are some of the most eagerly awaited moments, of self expression, in the day. When it comes to training our students in, we have, on board, the best of teachers and instrumentalists who possess profound knowledge of diverse music and dance forms - Indian and international.

Based on your child's interest, we allow him/her to choose musical instruments and dance forms they would like to be trained in. Moreover, we don't just teach your children the art of playing instruments, but also ensure that they get a detailed insight into the history and evolution of the instrument they have chosen.

Our music and dance rooms are replete with requisite items that make this extracurricular activity time an eagerly-awaited one.

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