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Art & Craft

In a culture-rich and heritage-laden nation like India, children are born with a penchant for arts and crafts. And, their creative ingenuity is best discovered during schooling days.

'An artist's style is a continuous process of invention'. Inventive minds work with paper and express their innermost thoughts in their craft work. Mosaics, paper Mache, pins & threads are all there for students to work on.

At Little Scholar Academy, Mahaveer Chhapra, we go the extra mile to ensure our students get the right environment that encourages them to put on their creative hats, experiment and explore varied possibilities in the field of arts. We regularly conduct art and craft workshops that encourage children to think innovatively and come up with unique, artistic creations.

Our qualified faculty comprises competent arts and craft masters who take pleasure in passing on their knowledge to their pupils. Our creative arts programs teach students to be observant; learn from their surroundings and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Moreover, with Indian art and craft forms garnering fame and appreciation across the world, our trained students will stand a great chance of securing their future in these exciting fields. Outstanding art work fires the imagination and creativity of the students. The student's artistic talent is showcased in periodically held exhibitions.

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