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Primary & Middle

The curriculum for the primary and middle section is broad based and yet ensures special inputs for the child good at mathematics and music, languages or organizational skills, science, or handling crises or people. It anticipates the increasing range of opportunity and the astounding variety of careers opening up due to the phenomenal developments unfolding in present times.

The third language offered takes into consideration new economic trends and changing geo-political phenomena. Spacious and airy classrooms of the outstanding Academic Block make learning comfortable and fun. At LSA , the process of learning is ongoing and multi-pronged.

As in life, every moment is an opportunity to learn and there is no clear-cut division between 'lessons' and 'play'. Thus, while basic principles and theories are taught in the classroom, this is not the only arena in which academic instruction takes place. Students learn from experience, from analysis. Scientific principles are as valid so that they never hesitate to question a statement or clarify a doubt. This allows teaching methods to be adapted to individual learning needs - what a child has explored, how well he can think and analyse, on the sports field as in the classroom and history is made every moment.

A great deal of emphasis is placed on 'one-on-one' teaching, personal level workshops and interaction with people eminent in diverse fields The positive teacher-student ratio allows each child to be treated as an individual.

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